ELEVATION Sports Marketing will work closely with you to develop a personalized Brand Elevation Plan™ that maximizes your earning potential through media exposure, partnerships, appearances, endorsements, events, public relations and community outreach. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we possess the knowledge and valuable business relationships to help you pursue strategic partnerships that reflect your values. We understand the demands of your profession, so we’ll do the heavy lifting and make sure your time is optimized. Your unique skills and interests will be showcased to maximize affinity and engagement with consumers, companies, organizations and events.

We are not agents. We’re not interested in negotiating your next contract. Most agents don’t have the time or interest to focus on the many opportunities to increase your earnings, and build your brand in the local market. That’s where we fill the void. We take advantage of untapped opportunities, and deliver value to you, your family, and your agent. We are sports marketers and brand builders that will work in partnership with your agent to help increase your brand equity – which will enhance your perceived value when your agent negotiates your next deal. 

Your playing career will not last forever. But, if built successfully, your brand will. Your brand will be highly regarded as much more than simply the name on a back of a jersey. We'll help forge business relationships and seize opportunities that will carry on long after you're done playing. Not only will these opportunities provide future earnings, but they'll give you meaningful things to do after you retire from the game.